How does she do it?

Workshop & Panel Event

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The #1  question we ask ourselves.

We all know that one woman who seems to have it figured out. Her business is booming, her kids are happy, and she still makes time for self-care and to have a life of her on. We cheer her on while secretly wondering,

"How the heck does she do it??"


How she does it? is a special edition workshop & panel event giving mamas the tools to have successful business and freedom outside of work.


Mama business owners, this one is for you. Right now you're doing it all. ​

  • You manage the household.

  • You take care of the kids.

  • You work a full-time job 

  • You're the CEO of your own business.

  • You even squeeze in some time for self-care.


Some would call you Wonder Woman, but wouldn't it be wonderful to feel good about balancing all of the above.

1:3 women-owned business owners are not only mothers; they are also the primary caretakers of the home. This means that they constantly have their time, skills, and focus divided among other tasks, leaving little space to map out running a business strategically. 

This Mother's Day, we want to give you permission to dream again and know that you CAN have it all.

We walk you through: 

  • ​How to get super clear on your vision and what it means to be successful as a mom CEO.

  • How to get your offers on rinse and repeat to deliver to clients without the daily stress

  • How a team can support you and give you more freedom to be present in your life

  • Plus! Hear from women like you found success in the Grindaholics Anonymous program.


This workshop is good for:

moms to be who want to plan for maternity leave and keep their business going.

moms raising school-aged kids looking for clarity and direction running their business​.

soon to be or current empty nester looking to add structure and strategic operations.

women who want kids but are afraid they can't balance motherhood and their career.


Let's break the cycle of burn out & overworking.


— Charlene Mccraney

“I was still working my 9 - 5 and running my SEO business, and I wanted to take maternity leave. I felt like I did not work this hard to get to this point in my career not to be able to really be on maternity leave. I knew there was no way in hell I would be able to grow my business without a team, work a nine to five with the new baby while being a wife, no ma'am.


Now I'm spending less time on busy tasks and more time on strategy and outlining that for my clients. I'm doing better at delegating and outsourcing tasks.”

The workshop at a glance.

All of this for

— Tamara Munoz Whilden

tamara .jpg

“Mom guilt is super real, I just didn't want to be in that space anymore of resenting being a mom, resenting, being a business owner. Once I was able to get a bird's eye view of my business everything changed. 

I don't feel the stress and the pressure that I did before where I woke up every single day with like my heart and my throat. Like what's waiting for me.

I have like a seven page to-do list.


Now it's like, everything is delegated. I have a checks and processes. I'm able to make decisions based on my metrics, based on my KPIs, based on my services.


It just made things so much easier for me to just like set those boundaries."


Part 1

We kick off focusing on mindset and letting go of limiting beliefs regarding team building and being a CEO.

We'll be addressing common mindset blocks, how to get to the root of them, and how we can begin to shift our views on building and leading a team. 


Part 2

This portion focuses on the operations of your business.


We'll be getting clear on your boundaries with clients regarding  what you offer and how you deliver your offers. As well as how strategically hiring team members can support your business operations and overall vision.


Part 3

 We wrap up with a client success panel of Grindaholics Anonymous graduates and clients who have found success in balancing home life and business success.  

Learn from women like you who've been in your shoes and ask them your questions live. 


Here's what they said at the workshop.


Meet your coach,
Tatiana O'Hara


Hey new friend! I'm Tatiana O’Hara,  a corporate gal turned full time entrepreneur. After working as a District Manager at a young age managing 5 stores, $5M in monthly budgets, and being directly responsible for all team functions, I quickly identified similarities in the lives of my managers and 6 figure CEOs online: Lack of team and leadership knowledge. 


Bridging the gap between having a successful business and a successful team is my favorite pastime.